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"It is most likely that I will die next to a pile of books I was meaning to read." - Lemony Snicket

harry potter + tumblr text posts

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stay with me.


stay with me.


just leave me alone. //sobs//


I just realized that I have been on tumblr for 2 years now, so I thought I’d do my first ever follow forever because of it. sorry about the crappy header, I’m trying out some new photoshop stuff. so yeah, I’d like to thank all of you for making my dash wonderful. I’d also like to thank everyone that follows me and even if you aren’t on this list I still love youu. 


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Sydnie Alicia Lex Leah Charlee Jayla Madi Diana Emily Elvira Aditia

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comehomeziva connor-stoll-my-url dracomalfoyi herhmione percylupin royalreyna water-you-dewing

Lastly, the blogs that make my dash beautiful:


ahrgents albusdumblydoor allisonagernt allisonarqents andrunory annabethchasingjackson assemble-demigods-of-idris astoldbycastiel astrandedrose auxillo battlestarvenus because-i-am-bad blooddriveofolympus bravesimon carolinereadsalot chanceatsanity chloroformandsnowstorms cyberflirt dedicatedtoharmony demigodfrodo dylans-obrien facecaseinspace grannger gryffindour gwenstasy gwen-staccy


hazels-levesque harmony-y heartofdaenerys hermionegranqer hermionei holymotherofhades hotcrossbooty hows hqzelwaters hyllla inthelandofbooks itsgrangerdanger iwouldfollowthespiders jasongraece jessepinkmqn katiegardnr katnissn kirayukimrua kristenbll leakycaudron lehviosa lestranqe leumdunbar lordcrowley lovegud lukecastallen lunalovegoodls lydeiamartin mahrtell marauderlymap mccallible melisasmccall minigrooter


narcissablck nerdgirl-to-the-rescue newtgreenie nicodiiangelo nicodorkangelo nightl0cked nightwings-ass nonbinarycaboose padfout peetaeverlark percabeth-inthe-tardis percabeth-is-endless perce perseusjackass poesidone pointyheels potionsbook prongsandpadfoot regenirate rosebelikova salzarslytherin samvvise saviorswan sexualnico slythelrin snxpe sophleturner starksgrace stevbuck steventaylors smaugdesolates stillinskai swanbeliever sweetlittleceremonials sxriusblack


teenwoolfe thaliagrase thebloodwhisperer thedarklumos thedemigodinitiative theoneandonlyailat tomefelton triwizarded victorhsvillager voldenope voldevolts wandkeepers weasleytheweird wintrefall woahargent yukimuara 

ahh!! Thank you lovely!! :)


here’s a little song i like to call “i cherish our friendship so i won’t tell u i would totally have sex with you if you asked”


remember when ginny weasley turned down the offer of going to the dance with harry (the boy she’d been crushing on for years) so that she could stay loyal to her date with neville and then completely called ron and harry out on their shit when they started making fun of neville good times good times

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i literally find every iteration of this meme HILARIOUS no matter what fandom it involves

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Jumping on a bandwagon, Part II (Because I’m determined to make you hate me)


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